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National Registry
  1. The national registry system is the basic register of the Icelandic population. It provides current information about Icelandic citizens and foreign citizens who are or have been domiciled in Iceland. The national registration system is intended to meet society’s need for basic information on population, i.e. information of identity (name, sex, birth place, personal identity no., nationality etc.), family relationships (marital status, children etc.), domicile and place of abode (residential address etc.), of people who are or have been resident in Iceland. All individuals that are resident in Iceland longer than 6 months must be registered in the national registry. Majority of the registered particulars in the national registry are by law sent to Register Iceland from other governmental authorities within Iceland, for example information about birth, death, marriage, divorce, custody of children etc. A person is obliged to report certain particulars for inclusion in the national registry such as changes of domicile, name of children, changes of names, registration of cohabitation and etc. Entitlement to public services and assistance is generally dependent on registered particulars in the national register and therefore it is important that your registration is correct. 

    Your registration in the national registry will be according to following statement undersigned by you. 

1. Personal information
2. Marital status
  1. Please choose one of the following status

  2. If married please answer the following questions

  3. If widowed please answer the following questions

  4. If divorced please answer the following question

  5. If seperated please answer the following question

3. Parentage
  1. Questions about child 1

  2. Questions about child 2

  3. Questions about child 3

  4. Questions about child 4

4. Signature
  1. I, the undersigned, declare hereby that I am unable to provide, marital status certificate, birth certificates or other legal documents proving above stated information.

    I am aware that providing false information to a government agency is punishable by law and that my registration in the Icelandic National Registry will be registered according to this declaration. If above declared information turn out to be wrongful, documents will be required to change them.