Eyðublað A-269, Útg.12
1. Person notifying
2. Information on residence

All family members must have the same residence. It is a requirement that you have a permanent home at the same location as your spouse or your cohabiting partner. If this notification of residence does not match the registration of legal domicile of your spouse or cohabiting partner, you will be registered at the same legal domicile as your spouse or cohabiting partner.

3. Family members moving to Iceland, including children
4. Confirmation
  1. I hereby confirm that the above information is correct:





5. Attention
  1. Residence permits will not be issued until a notification of residence has been handed in.

    The form shall be handed in to The Directorate of Immigration, Dalvegur 18, 201 Kópavogur. For example when you come in to be photographed.